Floating Wood Shelf Rustic Chunky 8″
Floating Wood Shelf Rustic Chunky 12″

Larch Log Slices 3″ thick


Larch Log Slices 3″ thick Ideal for garden stepping stones
3 Inch Thick Log Slices (ranging from 8 Inch to 20 Inch

These are simply slices of Larch Logs that have been cut on our sawmill 
They will be perfectly flat and 3 inches thick, and have a smoother face on them unlike discs that are cut using a chainsaw.
These are all kept outside. You are welcome to come and choose the ones you require. These are not sanded or treated in any way, they are just sliced off the log and dropped into a crate. These discs could have splits, cracks, water mark staining and may have bark missing. We do not accept returns on these items.
Ideally they are for collection only but we can post them if required. If you want to buy a few of them, we can stack them on a pallet for shipping. If you do want them posted please inform us of the size you require and we will try to select discs that are closest to that size.