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Firewood Kindling split dry softwood

Firewood Logs smaller split logs Nets


Firewood Logs smaller split logs Nets large sacks of hardwood kiln dried split
These are smaller logs for smaller stoves under 6 inch

This price is for 1 x large net/sack kiln dried hardwood split logs
These logs are smaller than average – all cut under 6 inches to fit in the smaller log burning stoves.
Also ideal for fire pits and chimineas as well as small wood burning stoves.
Collection only


All of this wood is hardwood: Oak, Ash, Birch, Beech and sycamore.
Most of it is oak from our oak saw logs.
All this wood has been in our kiln for over 5 weeks and is bone dry!
We usually have lots of these in stock but you are more than welcome to call before hand to check that we have some in stock.

For bulk buy, we can stack these and ship them by pallet. We can also courier each net for £9.99 with TNT.