Firewood Logs smaller split logs Nets
Oak Sleeper 6 x 6 x 2.6 metres long GOOD GRADE

Firewood Kindling split dry softwood


Firewood Kindling split dry softwood kinderling fire starters
Large net of Kindling much bigger than garage nets

This price is for 1 large net of dried softwood split kindling
All cut under 10 inches to fit in log burning stoves.
Ideal for fire pits, chimineas and wood burning stoves.
Collection only (shipping for bulk buy only)


This wood has been in our kiln and is bone dry, so excellent for burning!
We usually have lots of these in stock but you are more than welcome to call before hand to check they are in stock.
We can stack these and ship them by pallet for bulk order also we can courier each net for £9.99 with TNT

These get very popular in the colder months!
If you are looking for other fuel for your wood burning stove please check our other items